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I've got a sweet tooth

A big sweet tooth.  It's what I'm known for.  And it got worse living in the grey, wintery weather of Ireland.  As the weather got colder, my waistline grew wider with all the cakes, biscuits and naughty treats I was buying.

That was until I remembered the glorious fun dessert of my childhood.  

Cue angels. Cue heavenly light.

Wobbly jelly!

I began pre-making jelly in small jars as an easy dessert to take to work.  But then I found out what was in those cheap powdered jelly mixes.  Gelatine and therefore a combination of farm animals.  

No thanks.  I needed an alternative.

On a long drive home from a cold surf trip, I stopped at a cafe and learnt of a type of seaweed called Irish moss and the process of using seaweeds to thicken liquids.  I had my answer.

Finally moving home to New Zealand, I researched our own seaweeds and found I could use a powder called agar, extracted from a red fern-like seaweed, collected right here in our own backyard. 


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The world has become a place of waste.

We've packaged our jellies in glass jars so you can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Bring us your empty jars and we'll refill or use your jars as a handy storage space.  Chuck some herbs in there, use it as a vase, stash your jewellery or just save it for a rainy day.



Coatesville Markets

Takapuna Markets




Tel: +64 272 111 775



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